Working together to leverage Flanders as a sustainable and innovation key logistics region in Europe

Through the “Flanders in Action Pact” (VIA), the Flemish government intends to turn Flanders into a competitive and sustainable knowledge economy by 2020. Logistics is one of

the major focus areas in their policy. And that is entirely justified. Especially when one considers that logistics accounts for more than 9% of the GNP and is good for more than 200,000 jobs in Flanders.


Flanders Land Logistics (FLL)
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Flanders Port Area (FPA)
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Flanders Inland Shipping Network (FISN)
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Flanders Air Transport Network (FAN)
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Flanders: key logistics region in Europe!

Flanders already has a prominent place in the European logistics

constellation. The region owes that position to its central location, the

density and multimodality of its transportation infrastructure, the knowledge

and experience of the logistics service providers and shippers and its

well-trained, multilingual and highly productive workers. Foreign investors

can count on a solid foundation of services. That is also why they look at

Flanders as an ideal location for a European headquarter and/or distribution

centre. FITA aims to promote the know how in logistics abroad.